Patience Part 2

“You put in a french drain system? Sweet! I bet you”re really loving that.”

“Dude! LOVE the new roof and gutters man, it really shows off the house. Makes it like home ya know?”

What? You”ve never really walked into someone”s house and uttered those two things? Yeah, me neither. But see, that”s the balance of patience and renovations. We”re spending money on the big things right now, the foundational things, the absolute must have done things. And? While necessary, kinda sucks. It”s not the fun stuff. Being a grown up is hard to do.

We knew we”d need the french drain. Thought it was one of those “eventually we”ll get to that” things and not a “Oh wow! Look at that water coming down the basement online casino walls!” kind of thing.

Patience, patience, patience. We have to remind ourselves of that as we look at our white walls and sparse original furniture (while I”m not knocking the $150 craigslist couch as its good with small kids definitely – not exactly our style).

It would be fun to spend that money turning this:

Into something like this from Falling Waters Landscape:

Or perhaps turn a room into something like such:

And so I”ll keep telling myself (and R), “Patience, patience, patience. Someday, someday, someday.”

A self-proclaimed mid-century modern virgin, but I'm learning and falling in love with the era while I'm at it.

4 Comments on "Patience Part 2"

  1. Aaron says:

    I think the new roof makes the house look amazing! The dark roof and the dark painted wood against the brick is great!

  2. Em says:

    Hi. The roof looks really nice! Is it an architectural shingle? Do you know the color?bI need to replace the roof on my MCM ranch and im looking for something that blends well with the style of the house. My first choice would be metal but that’s just too expensive. Thanks, Emma

  3. scot says:

    We’re in the same pickle as you. We just bought a 60’s ranch with visions of south facing windows and period appropriate kitchen updates dancing in our heads… But wait, what’s this? Wet carpet in the basement? Whoa. Really wet carpet… A lot of wet carpet…

    Of course, the sellers chose not to disclose this issue despite the obviousness that it that this was not a one-time occurence.

    So now we have visions of sump pumps, french drains, and emptying bank accounts stomping through our dreads.

    Best of luck with yours!

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